Fall 2020 Gospel Meeting on Zoom

Please join us October 18-21  for worship and study from the word of God. Our intent is to faithfully present the Gospel of Christ which is able to save our souls as we receive it with meekness. (James 1:21).  Frederic Gray from Tampa, Florida will be presenting a series of lessons to provide encouragement during difficult times.

Listen to the lessons here

The Issachar Impact-- Knowing the Times and What We Should Do (1 Chronicles 12:32)

Sun, 9:30 AM  Our Chaotic Culture-- How to make
  sense of it. 
Sun, 10:20 AM    Jesus wins...No Matter What!
Sun, 6:00 PM   The Problem With Race
Mon, 7:30 PM   The Forgotten Commandment
Tues, 7:30 PM   Christians and Voting In America
Wed, 7:30 PM   The Best Thing We Can Do Right Now